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CrossWire (2001-2017)

For flabb-planung GoldenCode developed - and is extending - the patch bay administration software CrossWire. With CrossWire you can virtually construct and maintain any patch bay or similar device. All construction elements may be extended and modified to suit your needs.
Patches and all other logical or graphical changes are synchronized with a dedicated TANNIS database and vice versa.

  • Object structure maintenance with direct access to dedicated TANNIS database.
  • Individual patch bay designer.
  • Zoom, pan etc.
  • Dynamic display of interconnections, patches and text information.
  • Easy connecting and patching by mouse.
  • Detailed information to selected objects and patches.
  • Automatic connection of cables and multiplex systems.
  • Integrated and consistent information management via TANNIS database.
  • Easy intergration into your facility management.
  • DDE interface (in/out).