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TANNIS Line (2005-2017)

For flabb-planung GoldenCode developed - and is extending - TANNIS Line.
Designed as universal information presentation tool it provides manifold ways to analyze and visualize sequential data of virtually any form (usually in 2D using a time- or lenth-based X-axis). For the graphical output the combined use of vector elements, texts, symbols and bitmaps is supported. Together with its unique tools TANNIS Line allows for nearly unlimited layout compositions.

All data to be visualized is structured by a compatible TANNIS database. TANNIS Line manages this information in an object-orientated matter, thus supporting interactive communication with other applications: selecting data-objects in compatible applications automatically highlights the coresponding data in TANNIS Line and vice versa.

  • Fully customizable visual appearance (values, graph-types, scaling, legend, colors, print, etc.) via configuration database.
  • Realtime graphics (vectors, line- and bar-diagrams, texts, symbols, bitmaps, etc.).
  • Metric or time axis of any resolution.
  • Unlimited number of bands.
  • Unlimited number of rows of values.
  • Timer triggered refresh mode for rows with growing or changing valus.
  • Tabbed GUI.
  • Independant horizontal and vertical zoom (one for each band).
  • 5 extra buttons for your favorite zoom configurations.
  • Show/Hide rows and bands.
  • Drag a band to change its position.
  • Automatic height positioning during horizontal scrolling.
  • Positioning, scaling and reconciliation of overlayed semi-transparent scans.
  • Visualization of comparative data.
  • Special printing functions for large bands.
  • DDE interface (in/out).