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TreeMoLo (1999-2017)

For flabb-planung GoldenCode developed - and is extending - TreeMoLo (Pro).
TreeMolo is an universal database browser, mimicing the visual appearance and providing similar usage patterns like normal web browsers or the Windows Explorer. Therefore it can usually be used immediately by anyone without requiring any initial training or schooling.

  • Compatible with all SQL-databases accessible by ODBC.
  • Fully customizable display and maintenace rules.
  • Feels like your favorite web-browser, including tabbed browsing.
  • Maintenance of datasets (insert, update, delete).
  • Bookmark your favorite datasets.
  • Various distinct types of view.
  • Special display modes for presentation purposes (e.g. fullscreen mode).
  • ODBC alias management.
  • Fully customizable GUI (colors, symbol- and text-size, fonts, etc.).
  • Table views fully customizable (Column-size, -position, -sorting, -filters, etc.).
  • Optional cyclic refresh mode.
  • Integrated document-management-system (DMS).
  • DMS preview.
  • Optional pre-scanning of datasets for logical successors.
  • Embed any other application for direct interaction.
  • Plugin interface.
  • DDE interface (in/out).